On the banks of the Pechora River

I’ve spent these three days driving to the Yaksha settlement (Troitsko-Pechorsky District, the Komi Republic) which is 1,500 km from Perm. These lands were a part of the trade route between the Kama and Pechora back then and Yaksha had a dock and warehouses. Now there's headquarters of Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve here. The settlement is also famous for its moose farm. The landscapes are breathtaking!

My vacations have ended. I returned back and got to … Europe

I haven’t written in my blog for more than a month as I was having a rest from wanderings and computer. In the middle of July I reached the Urals, left my truck in Visimsky Nature Reserve in the Sverdlovsk Region and went home to the Bryansk forest. I had nice holidays: we’ve made about 10 tons of hey for our horses. Now I’m back in the Urals to move further north-westwards. Yesterday I crossed the border between Europe and Asia in the Perm Region. Now I’m in Perm (it’s more than 30 above zero here!) to have my truck examined, as I plan to visit the most forested and the least populated lands of Europe this month and don’t want any problems with the vehicle.

Outlines of Barguzin landscapes

Barguzinsky Nature Reserve was one of the main points of my expedition as it had been the first nature reserve established in Russia 100 years ago. There is no highway to the reserve: it is located on the most remote shore of Baikal and can be reached only by helicopter, aboard a boat or over the ice in winter. When I was moving to Kamchatka in 2013, I came to Zabaikalsky National Park on the shores of Baikal in stormy September and had to wait for navigable weather in Monakhovo for about a week in vain.
This year I chose the calmest season – the end of June – for my visit to Monakhovo, but had to wait for the smoke blanketing the landscapes due to forest fires to break. Meanwhile, I joined a team of reserve rangers as a cameraman (I’ll write about it later) and had a great time.

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My blog in English

I’m glad to recommend you the English version of my blog where you can find posts for the recent three years. Traditionally, the translation has been made by a volunteer who wished to stay anonymous. You are welcome to recommend the blog to your English-speaking friends interested in the topic.
These are zeren near a ranger station in Daursky Nature Reserve in the photo.

Photo memories of Zeysky Nature Reserve

I’m in the Ust-Barguzin settlement on the shores of Baikal now, where united headquarters of Zabaikalsky National Park and Barguzinsky Nature Reserve is located. I haven’t taken any photos of Baikal yet, but as I’m online, I’m posting a couple of month-old photos of Zeysky Nature Reserve.
The first photo was taken on the slope of the Tukuringra Mountain Range.

The second one was taken near Zeysky Reservoir – the border of the nature reserve.
The spot where the cabin is situated is called Liudoed (Cannibal). The thing is that the dangerous rapid on the full-flowing Giliuy River had taken lives of many people trying to canoe the river, before the dam was constructed. Now the rapid is underwater, but the name remains.